Case Study | WYNBAY

Case Study | WynBay LLEN

WynBay LLEN wanted to improve participation in VET as a strategy to improve retention rates in Years 11 and 12 in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. Part of this strategy was to improve the learning and overall experience of VET in schools for the student, trainer, coordinator and parent.

A review conducted by the LLEN identified areas for improvement in the administration and quality control of VETiS. The purpose for building a strong partnership was to bring together schools and contracted organisations that consist of home and host schools, working collegiately with the same vision and goals.

It was determined that this required a new learning and partnership management system that administers VETis, students, RTO’s, Courses, stores documents and generates reports. In the past, prior to implementing JobReady the systems that was in place, included paper based procedures and processes using excel spreadsheets, manual enrolment and an application process, the maintenance of files and emails back and forth concerning attendances was very time consuming.

The Wyndam VETiS cluster and its sister Hobsons Bay VETiS cluster are two separate partnerships brokered and facilitated by the WynBay LLEN. The partnerships have been in existence now for 9 years. The partnership is between 14 secondary schools in the Hobsons Bay and Wyndham regions including The Gordon and other TAFE’s and RTOs.

The development of JobReady required a complex partnership. Agreement had to be reached with the 14 schools to implement the system and also funding of the system. The objective of the partnership was to deliver a successful, streamlined partnership and learning management system to assist both clusters. In overseeing this new partnership was the Partnership Manager of WynBay LLEN.

Our JobReady partnership was a success:

  •  Project/system delivered on time and budget for use, start of the new VETiS calendar year 2017.
  •  Training and support provided to all users.
  •  System designed with input from end user – schools required right from the beginning.
  •  An example of continuous improvement in learning management system implemented by schools with the LLEN in partnership.
  •  All partners using the system with positive feedback.

A contributing factor to the success of JobReady was that it included all partners from the start of the partnership. The value the LLEN brought was that of a leader and project manager. A monetary value of between $20,000 and $25,000 estimated savings can be attributed to LLEN providing the systems project management for free.

The value of teachers, trainers and coordinators spending more time with students rather than on administration is realised.
The role of the LLEN was invaluable in that without our vision, leadership, trust and project management competence this as a collective education or learning impact partnership between schools and training providers across multiple sectors could not have happened. The project took 15 months.

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