A Call for Housing Solutions to Address Skill Shortages

VicLLENs are calling for campus-style housing solutions in regional areas to introduce a pipeline of young workers into growing industries.


Click here to read the full submission

YACVic and VicLLENs are jointly advocating for an improvement to Infrastructure Victoria’s draft 30-year Infrastructure Strategy.

The submission calls for a “consideration of Youth Foyer campus-style housing to attract young workers into regional centres to help address skills shortages.”

“A stint in the regions could be a very attractive prospect for young secondary or tertiary graduates to get work experience if central, low-cost accommodation, close to train transport, with other young people, was available.”

“It could be attractive for young people in Melbourne faced with exorbitant housing costs, and also for regional young people, who are now faced with housing shortages. The networks young people created could also keep them attached to regions to help build pipelines as workforces age.”


Trent McCarthy, Chair of the VicLLENs, featured on ABC RN’s Conversation Hour to outline how the proposed recommendations would support growth in regional industries:

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