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Careers Information

 A playlist of teacher-resource videos from Skillsroad on a range of career-related topics.

My Big Tomorrow – A great website for students to investigate careers that match their skills and interests.

Myfuture – resources for teachers to assist students in their career development, to explore career pathways and provides tools to develop self-knowledge to help with career decision-making.

Job Pathways Charts – An extensive list of Certificate Courses, grouped in career categories with associated career pathways from the Australian Apprenticeship Pathways website.

Geelong Careers Website – an excellent resource from Geelong Region LLEN showcasing career opportunities in the Geelong region.

Geelong Region LLEN Website Resource page has excellent local resources on careers including:
Video clips on a range of careers
Workforce Development Resources
Career Teachers Tool Kit
Creative Industries Environmental Scan (2018)
School to Work Resources
and more…

Career Resources for Teachers and Practitioners – downloadable PDF with links to a wide range of online careers resources

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Victorian Curriculum Assessment AuthorityVCE VET Programs: extensive information, guidance, advice on VCE VET

School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs)

Visit the Victorian Department of Education and Training website for comprehensive information on SBATs.

See the Victorian Department of Education and Training “School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) in Victoria” (PDF) – a comprehensive guide to establish and deliver SBATs.

Structured Workplace Learning

Victorian Department of Education Website – policies, guidance and resources for schools.

SWL Statewide Portal – extensive information and listings of SWL opportunities across the state.

The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority website has a helpful section on Structured Workplace Learning including a number of course-specific Workplace Learning Records for Certificate ll and Certificate lll VET Courses

SWL Host Employer Participation Agreement Template produced by GELLEN

Download the SWL Log Book – a resource for students undertaking Structured Workplace Learning (produced by WSMLLEN)

Work Experience

Victorian Department of Education and Training website has extensive resources and information on Work Experience:
Work Experience Manual (for Victorian Secondary Schools) PFD
Download the Work Experience Arrangement Form PDF

Download the Work Experience Log Book – A resource for students undertaking  Work Experience (produced by WSMLLEN)

School Community Work - Volunteering

See the Department of Education and Training website for policies, guidance and resources relating to School Community Work

Download the School Community Work Log Book – a resource for students undertaking School Community Work (produced by WSMLLEN)

Hands Up – Student Volunteer Program Workbook  – A workbook to prepare students for Community Volunteering (Produced by BGKLLEN)

Youth Participation and Volunteering – A resource produced by IELLEN outlining some of the youth volunteering opportunities in and around Melbourne. (Some opportunities are available statewide.)

Work Readiness

Job Seeker Secrets: A series of five short, engaging video clips with tips on applying for a job (from Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN). See Job Seeker Secrets on this page.

It’s a WRAP (Work Readiness Assistance Program): Five Mock Position Descriptions for students to practise applying for a job. See It’s a Wrap Resources from Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN

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